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The idea is to provide a uniform entrance illumination into the lens. Remember to press the auto-exposure button each time to keep the histogram centered without clipping. If you are using a zoom lens instead of a prime, you may need to check whether you need to take a series of shots at major zoom intervals. For example if you have an mm lens, you may need to take one series of shots at 18mm, one at 36mm and one at 55mm. Test this for yourself with your own gear, as maybe the 36mm shot will be almost identical to the 55mm one and so you could skip the 55mm series of shots. If you use an electronic lens then the filename is irrelevant as RawTherapee can automatically find the correct flat-field image, however if you use an old manual lens which does not record the aperture or focal length, then name your files as follows:.

Apply the flat-field images to your photos, matching the aperture values of the flat-field images with those of your photos, and keep the "Blur Radius" slider at 32 or above. If you haven't yet found a PMMA sheet and you need a flat-field image ASAP, you can take a completely de-focused photo of a plain blank wall or a large sheet of matte paper.

Peter Murphy to perform Bauhaus' 'In the Flat Field' at 18th San Francisco concert next month

The difficulty here will be getting the light uniform - remember that the inverse square law is playing against you. The light source should be far away and diffused, as you will not get a good flat-field image using a room light or a diffused strobe. If you want to use paper then get a large blank sheet, place it in an evenly illuminated place such as on a wall opposite a large window or outdoors on the ground under the sky.

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Zoom into it, de-focused, and take the shots the same way as described above. If you intend to use the Flat Field tool for dust spot removal, it is advisable that you take a flat field shot not too long before or after you take the actual photos you want to apply it to, because as time goes by new dust spots on your sensor and lens can appear and old ones can shift or disappear, and if that happens perfect dust spot removal becomes impossible.

Using the flat-field filter described above will make taking these shots significantly easier, faster and more accurate.

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  8. In addition to shooting one flat-field image at every aperture value, you will also need to take into account the focus setting of the lens. Trying to apply a flat-field image for dust removal taken with the focus setting at 0. Luckily, the zoom displacement is very small, so if for every aperture you take one shot at the closes focus e. The same requirements for zoom lenses apply as described above, as does the file-naming procedure.

    Additionally, you will want to include the focus setting in your filename:. Now you see why having a small PMMA flat-field filter is so useful - instead of shooting whole series of shots at home, you can just take the needed shot without changing any camera settings right after you take your actual photo, standing on the mountain top at sunrise or crouching shooting fungus in the woods. If I make the aperture any smaller, diffraction will have a negative effect on the perceived sharpness.

    Having a handy flat-field filter makes that very easy. As described above, make a library containing all the required series of shots for your lens es. You will want to update this library when you get a new lens or a new camera body. Additionally, if you use flat-field shots for dust spot removal, you will want to take new shots after you clean your camera sensor, and when the dust and spot layout changes, i.

    The user or auto-selected raw flat-field image need not have the same white balance as the image to which it is applied. The flat-field is blurred according to any of several user-selectable blur types and choice of blur radius. The blurred flat-field serves as a template for vignetting, lens cast, etc. Use a large blur radius to smooth the flat-field image in order to mitigate any imperfections such as flat-field image noise, dust spots, etc.

    The most complete source of information on the career of musician Peter Murphy.

    Use of a small radius will leave these effects in the flat-field image, and will leave their imprint on the corrected image file. This can be used to advantage; for instance if the flat-field has the same dust spots as the image file, use of a blur radius of pixels will subtract the darkening caused by the dust, therefore eliminating dust spots from the image. It is advisable to name flat-fields descriptively, so that files can be recognized easier by the user, preferably incorporating all parameters listed above.

    During the flat-field correction process these parameters are read from the Exif data only and the filename is irrelevant from this perspective. The flat-fields should be stored in a dedicated directory. Bauhaus In The Flat Field. Coloured vinyl Limited edition Only 1 copy left 1 person has this in their cart This item is in stock and can be dispatched immediately. This item needs to be ordered in from a supplier. Usually ships in days but delays are possible.


    Submit Your email address will not be abused or shared. Great, great album. Despite about 25 years of critical ridicule, I think ALL their work really stands up. Not sure what's on where by the band and i think my favourite track by them is Lagartija Nick which was singles only until it was compiled as such. But yeah they do seem to have a number more dimensions than one might at first assume, tinges of things like reggae, funk and psychedelia cropping up in places quite effectively.

    Peter Murphy could be a major dick at times, not sure if that has crept in by this point but do remember reading interviews with him more recently that just left me thinking pompous pretentious dickhead. But as lps go I think this is probably quite decent. I think it's Mask that I have the box set version of though.

    In the Flat Field by Bauhaus

    Message Bookmarked. I've never heard it. Someone, surely? If it's anything like their live album, then DUD. Boring, boring, boring. I have been summoned. I therefore quote to you my AMG review, so I don't have to retype it over again. Considering the jb only had thirty CD's in total this was a whopping ten percent of sturm und drang.

    That was referring to the dicks, but the record is C too. Severely underrated. I am glad to see some balance being properly restored to this thread after the sad hate four years back.

    Freshman year of college. Meatnecked frat schmuck who lives down the hall from me unsolicitedly snooping around my record collection. If knowing a classic record when I hear it whether if features a cock on the cover or not -- makes me a homo, then fetch me hither a pink feather boa at once, boys!!!! Despite already being a Bauhaus fan when I encountered it, I admit this album took some time to grow on me, but sure, it's classic.

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    A certain Bauhaus reunion show I saw will stay with me forever. That's theatrics, folks. Classic, cocks and all. Utterly classic. Probably the latter. I was just thinking about Bauhaus at work today for no reason! Not any particular song, either. I ought to pull out that first album, it's a real head trip.