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Looking at everything on your docket without a plan of attack is nothing short of panic-inducing. Building your preparation strategy requires a deep understanding not only of the material the MCAT encompasses, but your own current state of preparation, strengths, weakness, and learning pace. The MCAT not just about facts and equations. You have to know the principles like the back of your hand, and then use them to tease out the answers to tricky questions.

In other words, you need to understand each concept, break it down, make sense of every term, reaction, equation, and scientific unit… for everything the MCAT covers. For example:. The best way to assess your level of understanding is through consistent practice. Where can you find this feedback?

How do you ensure that every potential weakness is tested and evaluated, so you can turn it into a strength? It takes more than just the ability to grade an assessment.

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It takes mastery. The best way to measure your overall preparedness for the MCAT is with full-length exams and strategic review. You have to know when and how to test, how to interpret your results, and how to pivot or intensify your direction. Being able to do this evaluation quickly and effectively is the key to your overall progress.

Let me take you by the hand and guide you through your MCAT prep from where you are, to the very end. No more spirals into overwhelm and despair. Just a manageable course of study that meets you exactly where you are and fits your individual timetable.

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What follows is an in-depth overview of this framework. The first step to a successful MCAT preparation journey is replacing the overwhelming mountain of information with a doable plan that custom-fits your specific schedule and study needs. No more being overwhelmed by the total process — you just need to worry about the next step on your plan. Forget boring textbooks and dry video lectures — the material needs to resonate with you, strongly enough that you feel confident applying what you know to tricky questions.

Topics are drawn out in full color with detailed yet simple explanations every step of the way. Every video will tackle a topic starting from the overview — what is this topic about and where does it tie in with the big picture? Every video includes a full-color PDF of the notes from the lecture so you can follow along and take it with you to review later.

MCAT Sample Question 1: Biology/Biochemistry

The Study Hall science bootcamp video library includes:. Each session follows the AAMC outline on that topic for content and learning. The following mini-bootcamps are available:.

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While the study hall videos will provide you with a solid content foundation, sometimes you still have questions — questions that arise on the videos, questions that come up as you review, and questions that have you stumped on your practice tests. But unlike college office hours where the professor will tend to one student at a time, these live sessions are a learning opportunity for everyone.

Every question is turned into a group learning exercise and discussion. Learn from the answers given to other student questions, and ask follow-up questions on the topics discussed to ensure that you feel confident with the material. Participating in these group discussions is invaluable for solidifying your understanding.

Stephanie After trying the big name MCAT prep classes and struggling through overfilled, online, scripted lessons, I finally stumbled upon Leah. The cut-throat competition and sabotaging nature of ill-informed pre-meds is no way to learn.

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The Study Hall includes a bonus competition-free Facebook community for students to work together, and commiserate together. In the group, you can:. I conduct regular free workshops outside of the Study Hall. These will cover random topics and will sometimes go very in-depth, These workshops primarily are to check in on your mastery of even the simplest topics.

Bonus workshops are edited and posted to the Study Hall, so you have access to these resources whenever you need them.

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  • I will hold your hand and guide you through the entire process. I will be there to answer your questions every single day. This membership package is ideal for students who are ready to dive in and need accountability and structure to stay on track. Full Study Hall video library access, including all past bootcamp videos, office hours, mini-bootcamps, and bonus workshops.

    Have a while till your exam? Option to extend after 5 months as needed. Need at least 3 months? Prepay the first 3 months and save! Full Study Hall video library access, including all bootcamp videos, office hours, mini-bootcamps, and bonus workshops. Military Style accountability: Text me, Email me any time. Sessions will be scheduled based on our mutual availability with priority scheduling given to Study Hall members.

    You realize that you will likely never know everything and begin to think why bother knowing any of this at all.

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    You also need to build taking strategy specific to the MCAT. I had a hard time trying to make my schedule for everything else fit with my study schedule and with what to learn when. The strategy session just helped me to plan out everything and to master one topic at a time in my MCAT studying and still have time to attend to my normal activities during the week.

    Hi Leah!! Will I still benefit from this program? Answer: This really depends on where you stand with your prep right now. If you have a solid strategy in place, are very comfortable with your basics, and are scoring as desired on your practice exams, then no. If, however, you want to maximize the final few weeks with strategic review and preparation, need brushing up with your basics, and want help raising your score, then yes, this is right for you.

    Will this program still help me?

    How to Approach MCAT Research-based Passages

    The good news is that even students who have taken the class tend to forget some or all of the material. Each of the science bootcamps is taught from a beginner perspective to ensure that if you ever missed something in your classes, or never took the classes, you still get the proper MCAT foundation in this subject. Late summer, , etc. Instead, your focus should be on acing your science classes, and working on your extracurriculars like research, volunteering, and other adventures.

    These will improve your well-rounded personality and experience, making you a better overall med-school candidate. Answer: I would if I could! I signed up, got reported and banned. Answer: NO! No one should realistically make this type of guarantee. Every student is different, every situation is unique, and no matter how much I provide, at the end of the day it comes down to you.

    How hard are you willing to work in order to attain your target MCAT score? If a passage talks about the step synthesis of a molecule, but a question only asks about step 3 in the synthesis, just read steps 2, 3, and 4, then answer the question. Focus on Just the Important Part. To summarize : Skim the first Paragraph- Think for a few seconds as to what topics the passage will treat. Then, start answering questions using your own knowledge. Refer to the passage often, but know that most of it simply wastes your time. The anatomy questions often require constant referral back to the passages.

    Read every word of the Verbal section because careful reading helps understand the main idea of the passage of a whole. Tags: MCAT. Like any standardized test, the MCAT pressures students by limiting the time available to them. The stress of the ticking clock—and the fear that they'll simply be unable to finish—prevent students from achieving the score they deserve.