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Lying Again - Blossoms. Giving Up The Ghost - Blossoms. I Just Imagined You - Blossoms. To do this, we either need a gun with an unfeasibly long barrel or we need to fire the projectile with much more force—hundreds of Gs worth of force. Such acceleration would impart over Gs on the payload during the 10 second trip. The problem is, humans clock out at G. It's not only the payload that suffers, the projectile's exterior also endures extremes during launch. Since the projectile is moving fastest at the point where the atmosphere is thickest presumably at sea level as it exits the muzzle immense frictional heat is produced.

Even if the gun were situated on a mountain top above 15, feet, which reduces the amount of atmosphere to push through and cuts power requirements by a third, the energy needed for operation would still be prohibitively large. At least with our current level of technology. When it comes to actual impact, luckily, the laws of gravitation make hitting another celestial body pretty easy. So long as a passive payload isn't travelling faster than the target's escape velocity when the two meet, the gravitational pull of the the moon will attract the the bullet enough to cause it to strike within its first orbit.

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Even with hitting the moon nearly guaranteed, though, it would be far more useful if we just could put the projectile into lunar orbit. Getting into the moon's orbit is another job that requires a powered rocket. Orbital insertion has always been done with an active payload one outfitted with retrorockets or aerobrakes that can adjust the shape of its orbit after launch by reducing momentum to less than that of the target body's escape velocity. The Mars Recon Orbiter , Mariner 9, and every other spacecraft we've hucked through the solar system have all employed this technique.

Which is great—if you want to almost get there. So, do you still want to successfully shoot the moon? Crescent, half, or full, the moon is always a fascinating subject to shoot. During full moon, you will not see as many craters since the sunlight hits it frontally, so the lighting is more flat.

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Every phase has its unique characteristics. Use your own camera or quality smart phone in combination with my high-end equipment to shoot your very own high-resolution photos of our closest neighbor in space! Your host. I took my first photographs of moon and planets many years ago at age 15 - using a small telescope, shooting on film from my home in Amsterdam, Holland.

Now, in the digital age, it has become far easier: it is amazing how much detail you can capture with your DSLR or iPhone.

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My astrophotography has been published and exhibited internationally. Contact host.

How to photograph the moon: an easy way to shoot moon pictures full of detail | TechRadar

What's included. Light appetizers Let me know if you are on a special diet, like Vegan or Gluten Free. Cocktails and waters Feel free to share your preference and I will do my best to accommodate! Alcohol provided free of…. Show more.