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It remains one of the most loved, and most banned, books in American history. He wears cast-off adult clothes and sleeps in doorways and empty barrels. Twain once said that Huck is based on Tom Blankenship, a childhood friend whose father, Woodson Blankenship, was a poor drunkard and the likely model for Pap Finn. Huckleberry Finn was written in two short bursts. He stopped working on it for several years to write The Prince and the Pauper and Life on the Mississippi. It must have inspired him, because he dove into finishing Huckleberry Finn.

Huck, who grows up in the South before the Civil War, not only accepts slavery, but believes that helping Jim run away is a sin. Not only was Missouri a slave state, but his uncle owned 20 slaves. Those were the saddest faces I have ever seen. But most memorable may be the character of Emmeline Grangerford , the year-old poet. Emmeline is a parody of Julia A. She called them tributes. There has been nothing as good since. It was language that was clear, crisp, and vivid, and it changed how Americans wrote. A major criticism of Huckleberry Finn is that the book begins to fail when Tom Sawyer enters the novel.

And do the people in the future know that she traveled to our time? Date a chick back in time and if she presses for more, just keep the door locked! I mean she is beautiful, but the time thing.

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If she wants to go and visit her mom, take her there on a holiday of sorts. Sound right? How did that turn out? Of course I never even told them about it either. We see how you look at her. You got it bad, man. It was eleven-thirty before the club emptied. Bill walked her upstairs to his den and they both collapsed on the large leather couch. Almost as though he knew something was going on, Samson jumped up and lay between them. On the coffee table stood two mugs with hot chocolate in them. Just plan on coming back a lot. In fact I wish it a lot. Bill stretched over Samson and picked up the two mugs.

As he passed. My word, Bill, you people say the funniest things. She followed him out the door and two doors away in the long hallway he stopped and opened one of the doors. Taking a wooden match from a tin match holder, Bill lit the gaslight then walked across the room and lit another, illuminating the room. He turned to her and saw that she was looking around the room. It was a room right out of the eighteen hundreds with a thick brown runner going from the door to the side of the high bed. The dark brown wooden floors seemed to give off heat and indeed they did as the club had heating elements in the wooden floor.

The bed was a four-poster but without mosquito netting. It was high but although the mattress was thick as were they were in her time, the filling was modern and kept it firm yet soft and warm. A thick, white terry cloth robe was lying across the foot of the bed. The wainscoting was mahogany and stopped at the height of the back of a chair. The ceiling was white matching the white stripes of the wall. She saw that her valise was set on a steamer trunk at the foot of the bed. Bill just stood still as he watched this beautiful women who was someone to be reckoned with in her own time, as she gazed at everything through wide open eyes.

He opened the door to the bathroom and lit another gaslight. As though drawn like a moth to a flame, she entered the room. Once again her breath was almost taken away as she saw the modern toilet, sink and bathtub with a shower. The floor had black and white hexogen shaped tiles while the walls were a soft beige color. Thick white towels were stacked high on a white three-legged table in a corner. A small white round rug was next to the bathtub. One lesson and I leave you alone in here. He turned the water on and showed her how to adjust the hot and cold and then pointed out the soap and shampoo and made his exit.

Sleep well. After taking a bit of a cold shower before getting the hang of it, Shirley opened the bottle of shampoo and was surprised at how much lather came from the seemingly small amount she used. She took her time, enjoying every moment of the shower. Finally done, she reached for the thick towels and dried off before putting on the fluffy white terry cloth robe.

Shirley lay back on the bed and felt a huge mix of emotions flow over her all at once. What am I doing? Is it ethical to travel in time? If I stay here, I shall have to wear the clothing of the time, which I saw in the room that I picked these clothes out of. Am I ready for that? How dare I allow men to see my calves? She rubbed her eyes, Bill is a fantastic man but am I falling for him because he is so different? I must remember that although he is different to me he may not be so different to others of this time. Do I let this continue? How can it go from here, I mean I am from his past and I am dead in his time.

She stopped and her eyes went wide as she thought again, Lord! I must have died years and years ago. Panic gripped her and she jumped out of bed and tried to open the door, which at first refused to open adding to her anxiety. Finally it opened and with tears running down her cheeks she ran into the hallway and tried another door until Bill opened his to see her in a panic. He ran to her and she clung to him.

Did you get burned from the shower? He took her into his den and they sat on the couch. Samson jumped up on an easy chair. Can you tell me? I-I died years ago. This is wrong. Bill sat back a bit and stroking her hair, he pushed it back, took the end of his terry cloth robe and dried her eyes. She slowly lifted her head and wiped a tear away as she looked through watery eyes into his.

These wonderful people are dead hundreds of years before my time. It was awful and I really wanted to just leave. They are breathing and having the same good and bad times that we have. It is you that is out of place. He wiped her eyes again. Does that make sense? She nodded with a sniff.

She gave in and he took her to his room. That night he slept on the couch with Samson and found out that his dog snored. The next morning they both sat on the couch dressed in their robes and eating the breakfast that Matt had brought up. Matt put the leash on Samson, took the large umbrella from the umbrella stand and headed towards the door when Bill asked,. Shirley, should you decide to change into something more up to date, please feel free to visit the wardrobe. Just like that. And after you change we are going to step out to the world of today.

The TV came on instantly and she sat wide-eyed as Bill turned on Channel 13 and a large yellow bird stood talking to a group of puppets. Shirley gasped! Let me pick another. Another poor selection on my part. The pictures and film clips showed women of all ages dressed in the many outfits that were available in Shirley was blushing and covered her eyes every now and then as the scenes changed.

Why one can see their knees! I am truly looking forward to trying on some of the outfits in the room that Matt brought me to. Finally, a time where women are allowed to do as they please and are not held back by some stuffy old men. No, I am ready. One hour later there was a knock on the door and Bill opened it to see a totally transformed Shirley standing before him.

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She wore a black silk blouse and black linen skirt. Around her waist was a wide, red belt with a large gold buckle. The dress ended at her knees. Her shoes were low heeled, black pat and leather. Over her arm she carried a light red jacket and a small red handbag. She had her long brown hair down and it framed her face while hanging over her shoulders. Bill noted that she wore minimal makeup and still looked beautiful. How do you feel wearing it? Gathering confidence she stood before the full-length mirror and turned, looking at herself from every angle. He had a light black windbreaker over his arm.

She smiled warmly as she looked him over. They went out the door, down the stairs and as Bill did not use his Time Frequency Modulator, they stepped out into the garden of October 30, As he opened the gate that enclosed the garden a group of young ladies walked by. They were carrying brown paper bags and Bill figured they had their lunch with them. He turned to Shirley who was just staring after them. He put his hand out and rather than walk arm-in-arm as men and women do in her time, they walked holding hands.

At the corner, a car turned up their block and he felt her hand tighten. Sort of a carriage without a horse pulling it. Yes, I ride in them, in fact I drive one of them and inside the car is an engine that replaced the horse. When can we ride in one of these, these cars? Bill opened the door and seeing her reluctance, got in and offered her his hand. She entered carefully as her skirt rose a bit and she did her best to cover her knees. The cab pulled away from the curb and she almost jumped into his lap with fright.

Once at the park-side Bill had to urge her out of the cab as so many people stood there waiting for the cab to empty. She was mortified that all these people could see her legs as she exited the taxi. Bill paid the man then joined her on the sidewalk. Tomorrow you wear slacks.

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She smiled. No pants for me! I will be seen for what I am, a. I just want you to feel at home no matter what you wear. He offered his hand and they walked towards the horse and carriage and ten minutes later they were being driven through Central Park. The man stopped the horse and as Bill had paid up front, he stepped down and helped Shirley down. A short walk later and Bill opened the door for her to enter. She tried to act like this was something she did every day: enter a crowded diner and slide into a booth.

Will you order for me? At her nod he read on. They sat facing each other and Bill smiled, as she looked everything over and especially the perplexed look when he dropped a quarter in the small jukebox selector on their table. Fifteen minutes later the waitress returned and Shirley just looked at the burger on her plate. She mimicked him and the look on her face was priceless as she rolled her eyes at the first taste.

What is it known as again? This is delicious! Do you have one of these every day? They finished lunch and walked the streets back to the subway station. Strictly for your enjoyment. Once on the other side Bill grinned as her eyes went wide as she realized she was on the opposite side of the gate and they were separated. He relieved her anguish by swiping for himself and going through to her side. I was just fooling around. They both blushed and hand and hand ran down the steps to the train going to downtown Manhattan.

She gripped his hand tightly once again as the train flew into the station with a screech, rattling everything on the platform. The hiss of its air brakes was deafening but seemed to be ignored by the New Yorkers reading their newspapers until the last second, then hustling into the crowded interior to continue reading. Bill held onto an overhead handgrip while Shirley held his arm as she tried to adjust to the sway of the train. They got off the train close to the club and walked in the still warm afternoon sunlight.

It was in the sky! What was that? One of the things I forgot to tell you about. Back up in the club, Bill set up his laptop and showed her how to operate it. Samson jumped up on the couch with her and promptly took a nap. Tell me, would it be hard to fly in an aeroplane? Are you interested in doing that? He put it on the coffee table and opened it. We have to establish where and when one of these airplanes were in the New York area and go there. No problem. So, lets find a good time and place.

He knows aircraft inside and out plus all of the history of aviation. The three windows that surrounded the dinner table faced out at an angle that allowed them to see lower Manhattan, the Statue of Liberty along with one of the tallest buildings in Brooklyn, the Williamsburgh Savings Bank.

The evening was warm for October and heat lightning was seen around lower New York. The three sat and sipped wine after a dinner of Chinese food that was delivered when Shirley expressed an interest in eating something that she had never had before. Shirley looked perplexed at him then at Bill who interpreted. An early bird. There were eight World War I pilots there and all did aerial displays. She flew an early Jenny JN-4 two-seat biplane. The show was on September 3, Bill is there a war coming to my time?

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Both Bill and John cringed as she went on. How many were there? But I suggest we go tomorrow. That would be fantastic! Must I change clothes? She stood and grabbed her purse. At the door he entered 8 p. She smiled excitedly as he walked to the gate and opened it. She slid in and he went around to the other side. She watched as he inserted a key into a round, chrome fitting, turned it and pressed a chrome button next to it.

She held tight as the motor roared to life. She faced him and saw that he had the same excited look on his face.

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I sneak out of my time period as often as I can to take her for a ride. He stepped on the clutch, put her in first gear and slowly pulled away from the curb. Bill glanced across to see her looking all around as they drove up the block. Just like her to be a typical time traveler: constantly looking around in awe.

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Bill put the radio on and the Allen Freed show came on with a strong rock and roll beat. He looked at Shirley who was moving to the music. Bill smiled as he thought, Boy, do I have a surprise for her in a few days. He found a parking spot and exiting the car with her, headed to Nathans Famous Hot Dog stand. She stood looking at all the colored lights of Coney Island. Your time is so exciting! I truly envy you. He put mustard and sauerkraut on hers and her eyes showed what her taste buds were experiencing as she took the first bite.

He purchased two tickets and as the five, wooden roller coaster cars stopped in front of them letting the people off, Shirley noticed that most were wide-eyed and unsteady. Then she saw a young girl and her mother get out of one of the cars. Well, if a young girl and elderly woman can ride on this-this contraption, I can! Bill insisted that they sit in the first car rather than any of the other cars as the first gave the rider an unobstructed view forward. They sat in the first one and Shirley was happily surprised when a steel bar lowered across her lap.

Much better, she thought and as Bill grasped the bar with two hands she did the same.

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A man shouting over all of the noise that the other rides made told them all to sit tight and not stand during the ride. He pulled a long lever and the car jerked forward as the one and one half minute ride began. It slowly climbed up a high wooden trestle and the closer they got to the top, the louder the others riding behind them became.

The top was reached and all could see that the car was going to race down a sharp incline. Once again the screams increased as the car they were in shook from side-to-side as it picked up speed and plummeted down and once at the bottom curved sharply to the right and climbed another upgrade. Not as high as the first but at the top of it the car seemed to leave the tracks as the tracks dropped out from beneath them. But as soon as he died, she took off for the unknown, finding her destiny in the Middle East. Crowning herself queen of the desert, Stanhope was the first European woman to cross the Syrian desert and the first to conduct modern archaeology research in the Holy Land.

An explorer, writer, photographer and naturalist, she was the first woman to be elected a fellow of the Royal Geographical Society. She climbed mountains and rode thousands of miles on horseback, as well as the occasional elephant. A trailblazing American mountaineer and scholar, Peck wrote and lectured about her adventures to encourage travel and exploration. Yet the acclaim she won for setting mountain climbing records was almost overshadowed by the outrage caused by her climbing attire: trousers and tunics instead of skirts.

She showed her support for the Suffragist movement by planting a flag championing votes for women atop Mount Coropuna in Peru. She was elected a fellow of the Royal Geographical Society four years after women were admitted and was a founding member of the American Alpine Club. Smith climbed her last mountain, the 5,ft Mount Madison in New Hampshire, at the age of After the death of family members she had been obliged to look after, Kingsley was free to travel at the age of She became the first European to enter remote parts of Gabon and made extensive collections of freshwater fish on behalf of the British Museum.

In her controversial book, Travels in West Africa, Mary expressed her opposition to European imperialism and championed the rights of indigenous people. The moleskin hat she wore throughout her travels is often on display at the Royal Geographical Society. Bell was a woman of firsts. Her expertise, determination and curiosity got her to the top of mountains, but also to the top of her professions.

An archaeologist, linguist and the greatest woman mountaineer of her age, she is best known for her role in establishing the modern state of Iraq during the s. She was was the first woman to attain a first-class degree in just two years in modern history at Oxford, the first to make major contributions to archaeology, architecture and oriental languages, and the first to achieve seniority in the British military intelligence and diplomatic service. The in-depth knowledge and contacts she acquired through long and arduous travels in then Greater Syria, Mesopotamia, Asia Minor and Arabia, shaped British imperial policy-making.