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It's a trap! I plunged the knife into the large man's shoulder, making sure to dig it as deep as I could so he would feel that pain. He released a loud roar in pain, throwing my hands away with a violent slap. I backed away, seeing wolves or people surrounding me while Ajax struggled underneath a man who held a little bit of authority. My senses came to life when I felt the presence that I was beginning to feel familiar with. I am the Alpha of this pack and you will pay for what you have done here. You can read the books in order if you wish however you do not need to.

Ever book ends on a note that leads into the next story. Hope you enjoy! And it always fights back to those who defy its creation. Everything was in order at Xaeleaxus- The Sapphire Realm. So what happened that the entire realm ended up being cursed. The land as beautiful as a Sapphire was ruined and darkness spread all over.

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Despite several warnings, each time they defied nature, the more force it fought back with. Now the only one who stands between the destruction and salvation of this realm is a year-old girl, Luna Sienna. She was not of that realm and knew nothing of what she had got herself into. The truth to why nature had created her? And she was Destined for. Get More.

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Payment Method. Please switch to the pop-up to complete the payment. Earn Rewards. Earn rewards by completing the missions. Read longer, Earn bigger Read on the app and claim your rewards! Download app to read. Get the App Read anywhere, anytime. Shelves: kindle , paranormal , romance. I can see potential for great adventure but it did not happen in this book.

Bonnie, you turned this one in to the publisher way too soon. He has found his mate. She is not so sure. She has something very valuable that the Cortex demons want. YES; One or both of the main characters are in peril YES; One They work together to resolve the situation YES; Follow the leader Some amount of conflict and resistance in working together YES; Her resistance The perilous situation brings them together YES; He already knew the direction. Jan 13, Maura rated it liked it Shelves: alpha-male , contemporary-romance , erotica , paranormal-romance , virgin-heroine , novella , library , series , shifters.

This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Etienne and Cindy knew they were mates when they met. But they're from different worlds and Cindy claimed to need time to adjust, so Etienne gave it to her.

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But as soon as her life became threatened he decided to claim her, willing or not. But Cindy has a reason for wanting time and it has more to do with the fact that she no longer has any magic and can barely even shift into wolf form. Etienne is an alpha Draicon and needs a strong mate and Cindy knows she won't cut it.

When he kidnaps her, sh Etienne and Cindy knew they were mates when they met. When he kidnaps her, she has no choice but to tell the truth. A cute novella, but I couldn't help but think that it needed some extra explanation.

First of all, what is a Draicon exactly? I may have missed it, but I don't think it was explained much. I did like the little bit about Cindy's grandmother's disease and how that worked into things The characters were likeable, not extremely developed, but it's a novella so understandable. It was a cute story overall.

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But there at the end, I found myself wondering view spoiler [ so knowing that her mother hadn't actually wanted to treat her so horribly and still loved her very much, how does Cindy feel now that she threw away that necklace that her mother had given her when she'd turned 12 and first became a wolf? Any regret? Sep 16, Emily rated it liked it Shelves: betrayal , fiesty-heroine , genre-paranormal , marine-navy-seal , quickie , series , shifters-were , states-florida , states-louisiana , virgin.

Draicon werewolf, Etienne Robichaux will stop at nothing to protect his mate, even kidnap her away from danger. Cindy Parker is carrying a secret that makes her reluctant to complete the mating, worried she will not be good enough for him once she reveals it. A very quick story, it was action packed. I would have liked it to be longer and see the characters develop more but for a quickie quite enjoyable.

Oct 27, Anna rated it it was ok. A 3 star write, I have a personal dislike for shapeshifters who are too magicky, not that that's a word, which is what bought my rating down in the end. I like a little more realism to allow for the possibility that these creatures could exist somewhere in the world and you definitely don't get that here.

Overall an okay story. Fated magic Her magic stored away and unable to retrieve it without dieing, a young girl is forced to make a choice or lose the ones she loves. A story of great heart and the strength of family and love. Oct 02, Cathy rated it really liked it. Really liked this, and it's a new author for me.

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I was surpirsed at the story, it wasn't rushed and what great characters with depth, especially considering the books length. I will definitely read the others in this series. Jun 11, Tia rated it liked it. Overall it was alright but I have to admit, some of the stories are so weird and out there. I wish this would of been a longer book instead of a simple novella. It would of been good to see the future, past and present. Oct 31, Glenda Bettin rated it it was amazing.

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Very nice. May 12, Christine Wright rated it liked it. I wish it had been longer. May 19, Anna rated it really liked it Shelves: bonnie. Interest to read about. Dec 03, Dani Hodge rated it it was amazing. But a diamond in the rough none the less. Couldn't put it down. Apr 10, Jen rated it liked it. I enjoyed this book. I really liked the main characters, but I wish it would have been longer. I wanted more about when they met. Dec 11, Nicole rated it liked it Shelves: novella , paranormal-romance , read-in An interesting take on wolf shifters.

I might give the other books in the series a try Apr 15, Shiela rated it liked it. I didn't really feel this book. Mar 12, Serena rated it liked it. This was good short story. I enjoyed it. It ended well, with some action and will a little lovin. Will read more by this author. Jan 04, "Avonna rated it liked it. I liked the story and the lycan myth building, but it was just too much for a short story.

I would have preferred more, but the relationship was very good. Jun 10, Marie rated it liked it. I really wish that it was longer. It had great potential to be a really good book. Donna rated it liked it Jan 10, Zara rated it it was ok Jun 20, Carrie Feliciano rated it liked it Jun 29, There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Readers also enjoyed. About Bonnie Vanak. Bonnie Vanak. Bonnie Vanak fell in love with romance novels during childhood. Thus began a passion for romance and a lifelong dislike for housework.

After years of newspaper reporting, Bonnie became a writer for a major international charity. She travels to destitute countries such as Haiti to write about famine, d Bonnie Vanak fell in love with romance novels during childhood. She travels to destitute countries such as Haiti to write about famine, disease and other issues affecting the poor.

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When the emotional strains of her job demanded a diversion, she turned to her childhood dream of writing romance novels. She lives in Florida with her husband Frank and two dogs, where she happily writes books amid an ever-growing collection of dust bunnies. Other books in the series. Draicon Werewolves 10 books. Books by Bonnie Vanak. Trivia About Taken by the Alph