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Really brings back memories.

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Also, thank you for the special thanks and contributions credit. Tom Muzila. In this book readers would be introduced to techniques designed to promote the development of natural psychic abilities. Now available as a re-formatted and digitally colorized version of the original hardcopy book for all ebook formats.

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The book includes methods, principles, practical exercises, examples, and study lessons along with a full schedule of 10 training exercises developed by technical writing specialist, Ann Holms, MA. This book is the real thing. Thereafter, classes will follow each Monday night from pm.

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  • BY Ellen Dugan.

Throughout this eight-week course, you will learn the importance of meditation and other techniques that will help you, in reaching your goal to become fully aware of your own psychic self. Along the course outline, you will also learn techniques in communication between the physical and spirit world around us.

Learn how to connect and work with your guides and recognize the differences in physical and spiritual energies and understand the differences between a psychic and a medium. Seating is limited.

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  7. You must be dedicated in attending the course, and must complete the eight-week duration. The course is NOT intended to provide you with the skills to immediately go out and charge for psychic readings. Unfortunately, I was a bit let down after reading it.

    Your Personal Guide to Psychic Development

    Something about the writing felt a little rushed. I kept feeling like I had read some of this before, and not in a deja vu kind of way. The writing style is typical Ellen: humorous and conversational. I just wish I had been able to learn a bit more from it. I did find some exercises in it useful, though, and I intend to use them in the future.

    The Natural Psychic: Ellen Dugan's Personal Guide to the Psychic Realm

    Basically it hit all the markers of what a great metaphysical book should be. I'm a huge fan of Ellen's Book and this was no exception, even though it was totally different than her other things I've read. If you're psychic, or think you might be, this book will help clear up exactly what it is you're feeling and going through, and I highly recommend the exercises she lays out to discover where your own intuition lies.

    This was an informative book. Ellen explains her views on everything psychic clearly so that anyone can understand. I'd say this is more the the beginner or someone curious about how this all works. Definitely a book I'd recommend. Dec 15, Gaile rated it really liked it Shelves: spiritual. If you think you are psychic, this book is a guide to developing your skills.

    Autism Whisperer and Psychic Visionary

    It has explanations, history and exercises. The part I found most fascinating was about Tarot cards. I will really have to get a deck and work with them. It sounds like fun! Others may find other parts more interesting. Aug 25, Laura rated it really liked it. Great for beginners. Very clear with great exercises to enhance your psychic abilities.

    This book is very empowering and does a good job of letting the reader know that psychic abilities are as much about practice as they are a natural part of us.

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    A new reference book for my library I resonate so well with this sister Virgo on so many levels. Thank you for every wise word. I can't wait to reread.

    Feb 02, Kerry rated it liked it. Had some few insightful things but not a great read. I am glad a got threw it though and it is just a small book so worth the time to check out it. Maureen Frazier rated it it was amazing Jun 13, Sylvianne Guillemette rated it liked it Oct 29, Nikki Shields rated it it was amazing Oct 22, Kate rated it it was ok Apr 08, Shane Sullivan rated it it was amazing Aug 03, Melodie rated it really liked it May 11, Mickey rated it really liked it Dec 04, Erin rated it really liked it Nov 29,